Buyer Consultation

Let Us Help You Find Your Dream Home. One of the best ways to find your dream home faster is to meet with Ivan to discuss your needs. We have found that our satisfied clients liked meeting with us for a one-on-one Buyer Consultation. This typically takes 30-60 minutes for us to discuss in depth your ideal home, the home buying process, current market conditions, the pre-approval process and any other concerns you might have. 


If you need to sell your home in order to purchase your next home, let Ivan explain to you the best scenario for selling and buying concurrently, based on your needs. Ivan can help you analyze and prepare the best case scenario for what needs to be done to maximize your equity position when selling, and the terms you need when buying your next home. Call or Text me direct; or, fill out the inquiry below:


Ivan Larco Real Estate is a real estate expert ready to help you navigate through the complexities of selling or buying a home in Orange County.


We will ensure that you have A Five Star Experience™ with Ivan Larco Real Estate.